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  • Whatever the specific needs and objectives are for your organization, we can customize a solution/workshop/project based on our Needs Analysis interview(s) with key stakeholders of your organization.



  • Fun experiential and accelerated-learning activities keep participants actively engaged and reinforce key learnings for the individual and the team during people-development training programs. Facilitated dialogue follows each activity to bring the key learnings of activity back into the workplace/organization.


    Popular signature programs include "Juggle To Success", "Connect.Communicate.Collaborate", and "Movement EnMotion"

  • Juggle To Success

    4 Keys To Creating A

    Playful, Productive, and Prosperous Culture For Organizations

    •  Empower Yourself, Know Your Strengths
    •  Connect and Work Effectively with Others
    •  Rise Thru Challenges
    •  Create Optimal Flow

    This customized signature program is based on 20+ years of working with global teams and organizations; it helps companies and organizations "juggle" their way to success by focusing on 4 keys that are essential for any organization to succeed. It can be customized to your specific timeframe. Participants experience the 4 Keys with a combination of experiential and accelerated-learning activities (that are also easily taught and delivered virtually), and supported with facilitated dialogue.


    Unlock your Brain's Limitless Potential


    The whole brain synchronization methodology (Juggling and other accelerated-learning activities we introduce) combine logic (left brain) and intuition (right brain) simultaneously, which gives you an added "edge" and increases your clarity to create innovative solutions. These engaging activities balance both brain hemispheres, allowing them to work in sync.


    Your entire nervous system and brain are transformed and reorganized on a higher level. Your left and right brain hemispheres communicate to a degree never seen before, producing a whole brain synchronization experience.


    By integrating both hemispheres of our brain and allowing them to work in sync you will experience an increase in overall mental health, enhancing cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning . You will begin to notice a limitless supply of insightful thoughts with far less anger, anxiety, depression, and addiction. All of these benefits do build one on top of the other, accumulating over time. Juggling and the other accelerated-learning activities we introduce just might be the key to unlocking your untapped limitless potential. Perhaps you were supposed to become the next Beethoven, Einstein or DaVinci?

  • Fun And Educational

    Learning For Our Team!


    I recently attended the “Juggle To Success” program offered by the Farber Group in Charleston, SC. Rhett Farber is an intelligent and engaging facilitator and made the learning process fun in an educational format. Many new formulas for understanding better communication techniques were introduced especially to the younger members of our team and they expressed how much they gained from this understanding. Obtaining a deeper trust and understanding of others' needs made an impression on everyone in attendance. Rhett introduced different experiential learning activities, followed by facilitated discussions, to keep everyone engaged. Learning to juggle balls was just an added bonus!


    The Goldfinger and Okra Medical teams remain committed to continued awareness through practice of team processes, and communication tools such as daily temperature readings, RACI model and DISC profile awareness. I would highly recommend Rhett and his staff for any management/organizational training program as we plan to utilize his services regularly going forward.


    -Ed Hartmann, CFO of Okra Holdings, Inc.

  • "Connect. Communicate. Collaborate"

    We had a one-day cross-cultural teambuilding program in Chiang Mai, Thailand, led by Rhett Farber. The whole process from preparation to execution was excellent. Rhett captured the objectives for the group accurately and designed engaging exercises to reach the goals for this culturally diverse team. It was the perfect mixture of fun, learning, reflection and even an exercise with follow-up actions to further improve our operations. He successfully linked the program theme of

    "Connect.Communicate.Collaborate" with our Commercial Operations' culture, and made a great impact on the team.


    Rhett is an excellent facilitator who conducted the event with professionalism and enthusiasm. Rhett clearly has experience with interacting with diverse groups; our team consists of people from different countries and cultures.


    The team was full of energy and good team spirit after the event. I would definitely choose Rhett again should I have any needs in the future!


    Best regards,


    Jane Sum

    Bayer, Head of Commercial Operations Southeast Asia & ANZ

    Business Unit Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties

  • Movement EnMotion

    Audiences of all ages can enjoy experiencing Movement EnMotion (MeM), which includes a unique combination of stretch, strength, balance, breath work, and 4-ball palm rotation movements (ancient Chinese exercises).


    We create an environment where Healthy Fun is raised to the next level for all. Participants learn how to Juggle during this FUN-raising experience, and also try JOGGLING (juggling while jogging) and WALGGLING (juggling while walking).


    MeM offers an entertaining performance, as well as a healthy experience for participants. This unique FUN-raiser initiative is also great for corporate CSR projects, schools, and non-profit organizations. It can even turn into a Fundraising event (a very easy and sustainable way to raise money for your school, organization, etc.).     


    Schools and organizations promote FUN-raiser relays/races where everyone has the chance to Joggle or Walggle. Whether it's in a park, around a school track, through the countryside, or on the beach, Juggling and Joggling/Walggling is the perfect example of left/right brain simultaneous activity. It’s a win/win/win for everyone!


    Joggling Thru The Universe is a global initiative that connects with people, cultures and traditions throughout the world.  Jogglers and Walgglers share their fun-raising experiences virtually, and humanity gets to better understand the sights and sounds of various locations around the world.



  • Happy Clients

    Past clients include Adidas, Alibaba, Arkema, AXA, Bayer, Campbell, CEIBS, Chanel, Coca Cola, Dell, Dow, DHL, General Electric, GM, Goldfinger (USA and China operations), GSK, GroupM, Harvard University, Henkel, IBM, J&J, JW Marriott, Kodak, Lenovo, Malaysian Government, Novartis, Oracle, PepsiCo, Satir Center in Hong Kong, Shanghai United International School, Starbucks, Thales, Unilever, University of North Florida's International Business Flagship Program, and more.

  • About Rhett

    Rhett Farber, International Facilitator/Trainer and Consultant, Educator, Entertainer, Joggler, and Global Entrepreneur, has been making a positive impact in peoples' lives for over 30 years.


    Rhett holds honors degrees in Asian Studies and International Business. He has been a featured speaker and workshop facilitator in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Costa Rica, and the US. Read more here.

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