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Joggling On The Beach

One of the easiest ways for me to get into a natural "flow state" is when I practice "Movement EnMotion" (MeM) on the beach, which is part of the JOGGLING THRU THE UNIVERSE program. MeM is a combination of strength, stretch, balance, coordination, endurance, breath control and meditation. I go to my "tranquil spot" in Atlantic Beach every week, and start a series of warm-up exercises that includes rotating 2 hard balls in each hand while elbows and palms are extended shoulder-height. After 15-20 minutes of getting my "qi energy" moving, I start my 75 minute joggle...juggling while jogging along the ocean's edge. I often joggle barefoot, as my feet connect to the earth and the water.

I often get stares, laughs, thumbs-up gestures, clapping celebrations, and more while joggling along Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beach. I inform curious onlookers that I am "joggling", what it means, and that it's easy (even they can do it!). I don't drop the balls during this flow state and move slow enough along the water's edge to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me.

I have a "closing routine" after I finish the joggling session, which includes qigong breathing movement exercises and more. The qi energy is clearly felt between my palms and throughout my body, as the joggling has activated the qi flow.

I then take a dip in the ocean before sitting in my beach chair to be completely present to where I am. By the time I leave the beach (2--2.5 hrs later) I am "floating in a flow state".

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the Summer Beaches Run, and I will be joggling again in this group of 1500+ runners.

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