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Joggling Thru The Universe


Juggle To Success

 Shanghai and Hong Kong Asian Tour November 2019

Joggling Thru The Universe is a FUN-Raising Initiative that I have been doing for the past 40 years. In fact, it was 40 years ago that I first learned how to juggle while taking a one-hour credit class in Circus Skills at Florida State University (FSU). In order to pass the class I had to learn how to juggle! Once juggling, I started to Walggle (juggling while walking) and Joggle (juggling while jogging) along the beaches of northeast Florida and at FSU.

I moved to Asia in 1981 (and stayed for almost 30 years), where I continued to Juggle and Joggle. Whether it was juggling on the streets of Taiwan, the rural schools in Nepal, along the Ganges in India, on the Great Wall of China, or hundreds of other locations around the world….I always loved entertaining and educating people of all ages, and teaching the Art of Juggling (while also Joggling in iconic venues around the world). It became a very popular “accelerated-learning” activity during my 20+ years of designing and delivering Team/Leadership, Relationship Education, and Cultural Agility workshops for companies, schools, non-profits, global conferences, etc. Juggling introduces “whole brain synchronization”, when both brain hemispheres are balanced and allow them to work in sync. The results are that neuro-communication of thoughts and responses multiply, resulting in a better performing and more integrated system, and optimizing both mental and emotional health.

FUN is raised to the next level, as program participants learn how to Juggle and experience a series of healthy “Movement in Motion” exercises...which include stretch, strength, balance, breath work, and 4-ball palm rotation movements (an ancient Chinese exercise).

This FUN-raising experience can also turn into a Fundraising event (a very energetic and sustainable way to raise money for your school, organization, etc.), or just enjoy the FUN energy of this session.

JUGGLE TO SUCCESS introduces 4 Keys to creating a playful, productive, and prosperous culture for organizations.

  •  Empower Yourself, Know Your Strengths
  •  Connect and Work Effectively with Others
  •  Rise Thru The Challenges
  •  Create Optimal Flow

This customized signature program is based on 20+ years of working with global teams and organizations; it helps companies and organizations "juggle" their way to success by focusing on 4 keys that are essential for any organization to succeed. It can be customized to your specific timeframe (3 hours--3 days). Participants experience the 4 Keys, with a combination of experiential and accelerated-learning activities, and supported with facilitated dialogue.

I will be available to offer either/both of these programs to your company/school/organization in Shanghai or Hong Kong during the October 30-November 11 period. My calendar will fill-up quickly so please reach out to me asap if you are interested. Please also share this unique opportunity with your friends/colleagues/associates.

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