I first learned to juggle 40 years ago, and it seems only appropriate that Juggling is still part of my life. I JOGGLE (juggling while jogging) often on the beaches of northeast Florida, and use juggling as an accelerated-learning activity whenever I deliver people-literacy workshops for corporate clients.

Juggle To Success (JTS) was born in early 2019, when I was asked to create a unique 2.5 day workshop for a relatively new company. It introduces 4 Keys, and these "golden keys" open the treasure box for successful organizations. It’s based on my 20+ years of designing and delivering workshops for corporate clients, introducing a mixture of experiential and accelerated-learning activities with facilitated dialogue…focusing on 4 Keys which create a playful, productive, and prosperous culture for organizations.

I have delivered JTS as ongoing 1-hour workshops, half-day, full-day, and 2+ day programs.

I have also introduced JOGGLING THRU THE UNIVERSE as a FUN-raising initiative, where participants learn how to juggle, joggle, walggle (juggling while walking), and become proficient at 4-ball palm rotation (an ancient Chinese exercise)…intermixed with movements of strength, balance, and stretch.

I will continue to promote JUGGLE TO SUCCESS and JOGGLING THRU THE UNIVERSE wherever I am in the world. Juggling is part of my DNA!

Update from Aug. 22, 2018 blog:

I completed the 5 mile Summer Beaches Run at end of August 2018 without dropping any balls, and also joggled (for the first time) the 10-mile Winter Beaches Run in January 2019…without dropping any balls! Both Summer and Winter Beaches run had over 1000 runners, and I was the only Joggler!

I love grounding myself to Mother Earth whenever I joggle on the beach barefoot. I can feel the energy of the earth as I increase the energy flow within my body while joggling in the surf.

I will be introducing this magical routine to anyone interested during a 90- minute morning session and evening session during June 10-14, 2019. Of course, everything happens on the beach!

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